Would you like to hire me as a freelance writer, copywriter, or guest blogger? Fantastic! Please send all inquires to

I am now accepting requests for:

Recipes for specific dishes

Nutrition and fitness articles, including necessary research (studies cited)

Guest blog posts on food, nutrition, or fitness blogs

Nonfiction/anecdotal pieces on my experience with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety

Testimonials and reviews (products and services)

Miscellaneous copy writing

Ghost writing

Please note that using humor (often in the form of smart-aleck remarks and sarcasm) is deeply ingrained in my writing repertoire. However, as a writer, I wear many hats; I have the ability to write in various voices and take on a variety of tones. If you are looking for a more serious tone in a piece about eating disorders, behavior analysis and modification, or fitness and nutrition in general, please feel free to send your inquiry my way.

Ambassadorships, Advertising, & Sponsorships

I would be thrilled to promote or partner with brands I know and love. I also will gladly try new products in exchange for reviews, or be an ambassador for brands I believe in! I would also be glad to feature advertisements for quality brands*.


*I do not endorse weight loss products (supplements, shakes, etc.) 

2 thoughts on “WORK WITH ME

  1. Hi,
    Just read most of your blog posts and I’m soooo inspired. I’m not happy with my body or myself. My self esteem is at rock bottom and I’m desperate to find a way to love myself. I feel guilty for eating cake/chocolate, work out 6x per week without fail, am always worried about food or look up what healthy options there are at a restaurant before I go. Your blog is so exciting for me, I can’t wait for you to post more. Any ideas or tips on how to love yourself/your body would be sooo appreciated! Thank you!


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