The Paradox of Money: Fitspos, Influence, and Privilege

oh it fits

There’s been something weighing on me lately as I look at the shifting landscape of popular “fitspiration”: money. When I use the word “money” in this post, I think that in most cases it’s interchangeable with “privilege.”

It’s no secret that, like every other industry, fitness is fueled by capital and greed. Products are pandered to consumers claiming everything from muscle growth, to fat loss, to more energy, to better sleep. Some work. Some don’t. But with the right branding, widespread advertising, positive reviews and — of course–perfect influencers, consumers will eat it up and spend the cash. “As long as people are buying, we’ll be selling it.” At least, those who can will. So, what does access to money actually do?

Money precedes.

Money comes before popularity and, thus, popularity is born out of access and opportunity.

I would make the claim that people are the new products

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